Wednesday - 4:30 - 9pm (Dining Room & Take-Out)

Thursday - 4:30 -9pm (Dining Room & Take-Out)

Friday -  4:30 - 10pm (Dining Room & Take-Out)

Saturday-  4:30 - 10pm Dining Room (Dining Room & Take-Out)

Sunday - Tuesday: CLOSED

Creamy Osyters

9507 LA Highway 28 West

Boyce, Louisiana 71409


We invite you to "feel welcome" and enjoy the rustic atmosphere and the beautiful view of Kincaid Lake.

On July 5, 1977 construction began on a huge building near the water of Lake Kincaid. The builder, E.A. "Tunk" Andries, Jr., must have felt a little like old Noah because there were a few snickers around here and there. To make a long story short, after nine months of sweat, frustration and plain, honest, hard work, Tunk's Cypress Inn opened on the clear cool night of March 21, 1978. A lot of folks came; mistakes were made; but we all held on; and we're still here.

The goal of our restaurant, as with all others, is customer satisfaction while making a profit. To attain this goal we've kept in mind what its founder, "Mr. Tunk", said to a friend who asked, "What kind of restaurant will this be?" His reply: "This will be a place where any man can feel comfortable and welcome with his family; to relax and enjoy a good meal at a reasonable price; not too fancy, but with none of the good things left out."

As you glance at your menu, make a selection from the list of traditional Louisiana food prepared our own special way. Then you be the judge...see if "none of the good things are left out".


Thank you for dining with us.

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